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The Axcess Group is one of the oldest and largest creative services and commercial production companies operating in the United States today, and it's recognized as having some of the foremost creative experts in the realm of musically based advertising. They're seasoned pros whose credentials include "You Deserve A Break Today," "Pepsi Feelin' Free," "G.E. We Bring Good Things To Life," "Reach Out and Touch Someone," and dozens of other celebrated, national advertising campaigns.

The Axcess Group not only comprises the talents of award-winning composers and lyricists, musicians, vocalists, and recording engineers but also creative directors, art directors and copywriters, video directors, editors, animators, and other motion picture production specialists, as well as marketing and media experts. They all share a common goal - to help advertisers all across America put more effective messages on television.

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Today, The Axcess Group writes and produces music-driven advertising campaigns primarily for businesses in local markets throughout the nation. In each market, the company works in partnership with a network-affiliated television station. By improving the quality of creative and production that the station can offer, The Axcess Group eliminates an obstacle that often prevents local companies from becoming television advertisers - the lack of good commercials to put on the air. The result is a win-win-win situation that helps everyone succeed - advertisers, television stations, and The Axcess Group.

In the process, Axcess provides a comprehensive package of services to brand businesses in ways that generate awareness, build recognition, and increase sales. From writing branding statements, lyrics, and music to shooting and editing memorable spots complete with innovative graphics and animations, The Axcess Group does it all.

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At its 20,000 square-foot headquarters in Dallas, The Axcess Group has a 2.5-million-dollar digital recording studio that produces the finest audio tracks in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. These sound tracks become the foundations of the television commercials that the company creates.

Our video is shot on location in each advertiser's local market, Dallas locations or on our shooting stage with a green-screen cyclorama for special effects work. The company also produces 3-D architectural animation fully created within our state of the art technology. Axcess uses the best shooting equipment possible including: Canon® 5-D Mark III high-definition cameras, O'Connor™ tripods and fluid heads, Losmandy® jibs, Arri and Kino Flo® Diva lighting packages, and Glidecam® unit. Axcess uses a fully equipped grip truck dedicated to the company's productions. To complete production Axcess has three digital editing suites backed by a full complement of post-production specialists

  • The Axcess Group's fully equipped Grip Truck used on all Dallas shoots.

  • The Axcess Group has a 20,000 sq ft office in Dallas, TX

  • Axcess' creativity is showcased with our vibrant decor

  • Axcess' $2.5M Recording Studio

  • Post Production & Animation is created in Axcess' multiple Editing Suites

  • The Axcess Group has won countless client awards

  • Axcess' music is all recorded in the best Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound

  • Axcess' writers are constantly writing & recording many new pieces of music

The Team

Axcess Social

AxcessSocial is a division of The Axcess Group focusing on creating online visibility for our clients through social networking, search engine optimization and website user optimization. Otis Conner, the President of AxcessSocial, is part of a group of professionals that have written and produces a remarkable roster of clients, including McDonald's, AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Pepsi, Sears, Haggar, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Crest Toothpaste, Frito-Lay, Chevrolet, General Electric, Texaco, Smucker's, Burger King and many more. The Axcess Group and AxcessSocial professionals have been responsible for celebrated work in virtually every medium: recordings, radio, television, film and online.

AxcessSocial focuses on the following Products and Services:

  • Website Creation
  • Splash pages
  • Website consultation - Best practices for client path optimization
  • Banners including creative and click thru strategy
  • Forms with databases (web-based admin systems and password protected tools)
  • Search Engine Optimization - Consulting and Strategy
  • Social networking product creation and technology information for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs
  • Social networking consultation and technology information
  • Creation of Original Blog Content

Why is "Jingle" a Bad Word In the modern era of advertising, it is still common to hear the word “jingle” batted around, and often in a less than favorable sense. We, at The Axcess Group, agree with that thought - a “jingle” is a bad word, because the purpose and the connotation have lost their correct meanings.  The biggest challenge that one meets when creating advertising is understanding that the potential customer wants nothing to do with your product or service at the moment they come in contact with your advertisement. This is true of television, radio, print, sky writing, you name it. The Slim Market Concept tells us that only 2-4 percent of any audience is in the market for your product or service at the time of message delivery. That means if you’re a plumber, there is nothing you can say in your advertising that will make someone call you today unless they already have a leaky faucet. Advertising has to work at the moment of need - a potential customer, that has now become a LIKELY customer needs to think of your company, in a favorable light, at that moment.  Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that anyone who is likely to become your potential customer finds your advertisement entertaining and compelling to watch - and related to them - every time they come in contact with your ad - it is simply the only way they will think of you, and search you out, at that moment of need.  We start that process through branding - branding is the trigger mechanism that connects a consumer’s problem or need to the best solution - which is your company. Branding and advertising are made up of many different components - a campaign is a package, if you will. If all of the components are not there, and not working in a complementary fashion, your advertising will not be as successful as it could be. Advertising is starts from a concept, one that can grow and evolve with a business as that business changes. That concept then needs the support tools that make it successful - tools to make it memorable, emotionally connecting, entertaining and affective. It must have a ‘takeaway.’ Therefore that concept must be supported by a branding statement, the trigger, and entertainment and memory aids to make sure your potential consumers watches and remembers your message - has something to take away.  Is there music? Yes, and there should be - the majority of national advertisers use music in some aspect of their advertising - but that does not mean jingle alone. Music is a support tool, and a very important one. Most importantly music is a memory tool. Research tells us that people remember something that is supported by music 90 times more than something that isn’t. That immediately says if your advertising is trying to make people remember it, then music is a pretty basic requirement. But music doesn’t stop with memory. It is also a key entertainment tool - it makes you stop, watch and listen. It also creates an emotion. Film directors were using music in movies before words to tell a story or connect the audience emotionally with the screen. Those powerful impacts that not lost their skill - humans still react the exact same way.  Using a concept, a branding trigger and music is a key platform to an advertising campaign, a strategy, that will serve your business for years to come. No matter what McDonald’s special of the week is, when your stomach growls, you hears those five little notes, and know ‘you’re lovin’ it,’ no matter what it is. That’s the power of using a music driven advertising concepts and building a lasting strategy around it. 


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